Our Mission

Our primary mission is to create alternative literacy opportunities in order to educate and empower underserved populations (e.g. incarcerated juveniles and adults, adult learners, women, at-risk youth, English Language Learners) and to support university-community literacy outreach programs.

The Center strives to create a range of sustainable community-based literacy programs to promote community action and social change with multiple populations. Our goals are to contribute directly to the literacy needs of Larimer County by offering programming that complements existing literacy education opportunities and to advocate for increased public awareness about the needs and contributions of our diverse community.

We recognize that there are many teens and adults who do not succeed in traditional school settings, and we aim to offer alternative opportunities for these individuals to practice and improve their reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

Our History

The CSU Community Literacy Center is a relatively new endeavor. For several years, our commitments to contributing to adult and family literacy efforts in the Fort Collins area were realized through a literacy research and action collective. In June 2005, we were able to realize our vision of a more permanent and tangible resource center through a physical office provided by the CSU English Department.

Our community outreach work over the past three years has included organizing the revival of the community wide Literacy Network of Larimer County and piloting creative and expository writing workshops with both youth and adult writers across the Fort Collins community. Our work with the Literacy Network has resulted in bi-monthly meetings for literacy workers across Larimer County as well as a new Network website committed to improving communication across agencies and service providers.

Our direct interaction with community writers (adults and youth) has taken the form of six to eight week writing workshops, public readings at local cafes, and the publication of several workshop booklets.