Fall 2015 Interns

Lily Alpers SpeakOut! Kate Miller
Lily Alpers SpeakOut! Kate Miller
Cara Ramsay Sarah Rossi Larissa Willkomm
Cara Ramsay Sarah Rossi Larissa Willkomm

Lily Alpers

Lily Alpers is a junior at Colorado State University studying Psychology and Sociology. She grew up in Boulder, CO before moving to Fort Collins. Her passion is incarceration and incarcerated individuals. She spent the summer studying sociology in Prague, Czech Republic and increasing her knowledge and passion for criminology. Lily is an honor student at CSU and plans on continuing to Graduate School to study Forensic Psychology. She is very excited to bring her perspective and insights to the Speak Out! Program while working with incarcerated individuals.

Kate Miller

Kate Miller is a senior at Colorado State University studying Business Administration with a concentration in management and working towards a certification in international business and English with a concentration in creative writing and a double focus in fiction and creative nonfiction. Her passions are travel and writing, and while working in the SpeakOut! Program she is excited to share these passions with others and promote healthy communication and healing through the written word.

Cara Ramsay

Despite my love of writing, I am very uncomfortable writing my own bio! I’m from southern California where I taught high school English for 14 years – joyfully. I loved working with teenagers and believe that I had the best job with the best clientele. Often I had whole generations of siblings pass through my classroom over a span of years and so felt like part of so many families. I have learned more from my students over the years than they have from me. They have taught me valuable life lessons about laughter, compassion, grittiness and dedication.

That said, I did leave my job to return to school and earn my Masters in English with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition. Despite feeling confident in the classroom and despite the satisfaction and gratification and fulfillment I received there with the kids, I felt I wasn’t done learning. I’d earned a B.A. in English Literature in 1996 but I’d never taken classes in rhetoric and composition. The idea of this whole other aspect to English intrigued me. I accepted here at CSU because of the amazing faculty and program. The campus and town ain’t too shabby, either. I became involved with the Community Literacy Center out of my love for literacy and longing to return to working with young people, In the midst of the hair-raising hectic schedule of grad school, year one, Speak Out restored me weekly to sanity. I look forward to being involved more deeply as an intern, and to what I can learn from everyone here.

Sarah Rossi

Sarah Rossi is a senior undergraduate student pursing a teaching degree in English Education at Colorado State University.  Her goals include promoting civic participation and social action in and outside of the schooling system.  With a love for literature and an even more important love for people, Sarah is joining the Community Literacy Center as an intern to help facilitate the SpeakOut! writing workshops for at-risk youth.  This semester Sarah will also be working on her Honors thesis, which will focus on commemorating the 10th year anniversary of the writing workshops and publications of the Community Literacy Center.   Sarah hopes to create a special edition of the SpeakOut!  journal  that represents writers from the previous participating writing sites; in this process she will also collaborate with the current writing groups to decide on which pieces from the past should be selected.  As a writing tutor for first-generation college students for the on-campus TRiO Student Support Services, Sarah believes in making writing relevant and in creating a workshop culture that empowers all of the different backgrounds and languages of participants.

Larissa Willkomm

As a native Coloradoan born and raised in the Fort Collins area, I am thrilled to be a part of this unique and powerful group effort. As a junior at CSU pursuing an English Literature major with a History minor in the works, this internship offers so many new horizons for myself, the group of interns, and the people we work with in the community. I hope to be of use and support for others, assist in the furthering of the SpeakOut! Program, help further the creation of community of literacy, and gain a deeper understanding of the community I’ve lived in my whole life. Using writing to explain, understand, and connect with others and myself, I am very much a supporter of creativity and words being a world changing force.

When I was in elementary school, my fellow students and I were asked “what would you do to help the world if you could do anything?” “Make sure everyone in the world has everything they need to learn to write” I said. And then that aspiration drifted away under the deluge of my adolescent years, utterly forgotten. Now, instead of physical materials, I hope to provide an enjoyable, supportive environment where people of all walks can collectively work to unfurl our writing wings and reach the heights of our literate selves.