Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Interns

Manton Chambers Haven Enterman Matthew Gorman
Manton Haven Matthew
 Michaela Ryan Derra
Michaela Hayes Ryan Lanham Derra Larsen
Shelby Tuthill

Manton Chambers

Manton is a senior at Colorado State University. He is earning a double major in general Philosophy and English with a concentration in writing, rhetoric, and literacy. After spending half of his twenties in the Army, he roamed about until finding a passion for learning and writing. Currently, he is an excited new member of the CLC and he also works as a writing consultant at the CSU Writing Center. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling the globe with his wife, scuba diving, growing orchids, playing wind instruments, and spending time with friends.

Haven Enterman

Haven is a senior at Colorado State University studying writing, rhetoric, and literacy. She is a veteran CLC member, serving as a volunteer during the 2017-2018 academic year. She is thrilled to return as an intern. Haven is known for her love of language and is excited to share the healing power of words with underprivileged women. Her passion for writing serves her well in her job as a freelance copywriter, a career she will continue to pursue after the completion of her degree. When her nose isn’t in a book, Haven enjoys painting, drawing, and getting lost in nature.

Matthew Gorman

Hello friends! This fall I will be in my first year to obtain a Master of Arts in English: Literature. I hail from the far off land of Ohio, but since coming to Colorado last year, I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave this wonderful state. When I move to Fort Collins, I’ll be bringing my puppo, Arlow, who is a small Jack Russel terrier and beagle mix who loves naps, food, and chase – which is why we make a great team; I too enjoy naps, food, and I guess chasing him around the park too. I can be found in my natural habitats of the library (emitting the sweet aroma of coffee), trail hiking in sunshine or in rain, or at one of the fine breweries Fort Collins has to offer. So come have a coffee or a beer and we can tell stories until the sun goes down and comes back up again. Oh!, and always remember: Water your plants, feed your dog, and treat yourself to happiness.

Michael Hayes

Michaela Hayes is a junior at Colorado State University majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is also pursuing minors in French and Philosophy. A Kansas native, she spent the first semester of her college experience at the University of Kansas before finding her home at CSU. She grew up with a hypnotherapist mom, and believes deeply in the power of understanding and empathy. She is currently a nanny but previously worked as a n English Communications Intern, writing for the CSU English website. Beyond the obligatory hobbies for English majors of reading and writing, she likes to research books and music (and then consume said books and music), swim, take in Colorado’s natural beauty, go to movies at the Lyric, spend time with her dad, brother, and cat, watch her boyfriend cook while she pretends to also be helping, and people watch in coffeeshops. She’s also been a little too into Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS lately.

Ryan Lanham

Ryan is a first-year grad student at CSU, pursuing an MFA in creative nonfiction. He is drawn to the hidden side of human history and hopes to bring some of these shadowy narratives into the light in his writings. Ryan has also worked as an academic coach, and he has a passion for helping other students reach for their dreams. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, running in the heat of the day, and strumming the guitar. And traveling to magical places in nature, of course.

Derra Larsen

Derra is beginning another phase in life. She did her undergraduate work at Colorado State University (a long time ago) in English with a minor in Creative Writing. She also has a Master of Liberal Studies in Creative Writing from Southern Methodist University. The program was amazing because it married the art of writing with a focus on social justice. Currently, she is completing a Master of Education and Teacher Licensure program at CSU and plans to teach English (hopefully with loads of creative writing courses) in a high school in the fall of 2019. Derra volunteered in the Speak Out! program in 2017-2018 working first with the women at Community Corrections and then with the women at Larimer County Jail. The stories of these women deeply moved her. She cannot wait to continue working with the women in Speak Out! and to contribute as a full intern for the Community Literacy Center.

Shelby Tuthill

Shelby is a second-year student in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program here at CSU. Her current research is focused on women’s choice and persistence in STEM fields. Shelby volunteered with SpeakOut! last semester and is excited to join the team of CLC interns this year. She enjoys writing, painting, and farming with The Growing Project. She is excited to establish a Fort Collins chapter of Dances for Solidarity, a project that involves letter-writing and starting conversation about movement and dance between incarcerated and non-incarcerated people.