New feature for Fall 2017! Be inspired by the big team that leads SpeakOut! workshops in the community.

Hayley Munoz smallerHayley Munoz says: I am a recent graduate of CSU and currently work with Resources for Disabled Students. I got my degree in History with a minor in English. I have been writing as long as I can remember and it’s been one constant in my life. I am almost always writing something, whether it is a story, poem, or just writing in a journal. I love reading and I love being apart of writing groups. It’s the best way to bond with people and learn new things about writing. I am also working on teaching myself Korean in the hopes of moving to South Korea to teach English next year. When I’m not writing or learning Korean I am usually dancing, listening to Kpop, acting, snowboarding, or spending time with my lovely fiance.
Emily Sinkular is excited to volunteer for the second year with Speak Out! She loves the therapeutic power of writing and enjoys giving back to her community through Speak Out! As a Second Year student, Emily is a double major in German and Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. She hopes to work (or study) abroad after completing her undergraduate education, focusing on improving socioeconomic well-being through sustainable and environmentally conscious means. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, journaling, hiking, and camping.